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Panorama of TUG A2 Open House Setup

Picture of Eizans giving talk with large audience
Starting with one key revelation, Daniel Eizans reframed what we knew about creating web content: It all starts with values. Your company has these, right? Even if they’re not explicitly stated on your site, they exist in your mission—and as Daniel says, should inform your content strategy, too. In just 40 minutes, Daniel’s insightful presentation guided 30+ curious guests through a process that starts with your “why” and results in a site that connects you and your users in a meaningful way.


"Great Talk. I'm 100% with you on content strategy being at the heart of change management.""Content strategy being informed by real company values"Speaking of getting connected, we really enjoyed talking to talented folks from MLive, University of Michigan, the Whole Brain Group, Q Ltd and many more who joined us for networking (and an amazing array of sushi). If you missed this event, you have another chance to meet us! Daniel will give the same presentation at our next open house, which will take place at TUG’s Grand Rapids office on Tuesday, November 19. Can’t make it and want to learn more? Follow TUG on Twitter and/or Facebook to be alerted when we post Daniel’s slides and hear about future TUG events!

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