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Jessica DuverneayWith the addition of Jessica DuVerneay to the team, The Understanding Group is officially a transcontinental company. DuVerneay, who has been working on a contract basis with TUG for the past year, is ecstatic that her recent relocation to Los Angeles coincides with the company’s strategic plan to expand it’s offerings to the West Coast.

Bringing experience in information architecture, user research, small business ownership, teaching, librarianship, and community building she will continue IA work in addition to heading up Business Development and growing TUG’s Pacific presence. Ms. DuVerneay recently acted as Global Producer for the first ever World IA Day, and is looking forward to continued leadership in the local and global IA community.

“Jessica’s background as an entrepreneur starting and running an art gallery is not the typical background for business development,” says Bob Royce, president of TUG, “but since we’re primarily focused on solving problems vs. ‘selling’ anything, it’s quite appropo. Combine that with her excellent skills as an IA and I’m confident she’ll help energize our presence on the West Coast.”

At TUG, Jessica will help people and organizations find answers to their questions while fostering a sense of understanding and empowerment during their quest for information. User research, mapping user needs to business requirements, designing user interfaces, and producing clear and concise deliverables are things Jessica will do to make both clients and end users happy.

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