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Is Information Architecture Working for Your Digital Projects?

In this month’s TUG Notes, we take a step back and look at how information architecture applies broadly to digital projects.

We’re sharing Dan Klyn’s award-winning explanation of information architecture. Then Daniel O’Neil shares how the information architecture process fits within the scope of a website project. Finally, Daniel reveals why the digital projects we architect have such a high degree of success—even though we don’t design pixels or write any code.

In What We’re Reading, we share two articles on the value of architecture in solving problems.




Explaining Information Architecture

Dan Klyn
by Dan Klyn

In this four-minute video, Explaining IA, Dan Klyn gives a brief history of the field of Information Architecture beginning with Richard Saul Wurman.


When is the Right Time to Plan Your Website?

Why Information Architecture Makes Digital Projects Succeed

Daniel O'neil
by Daniel O’Neil

The right time to plan your website rebuild is AFTER your company has a vision in place, but before you start to build it. When you start at the right time, you can expect the Information Architecture to provide a north star to guide your digital projects to success.




Architecture is Architecture is Architecture

by John Zachman for CIO Review

John Zachman muses on the architecture process for ANY structure, and how the same questions always come up: Why, What, How….


Closing the Gap between Data and Product Development

by Elizabeth McGuane and Flora Devlin for Intercom

Are you using customer data to confirm what you believe is true about your digital products? The authors share how they used content strategy and analytics together to paint a picture of a customer journey.



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