In TUG Talks

Wonderful mini documentary produced by Content Strategy Forum 2013. Daniel Eizans featured 4:40-5:40.

Transcript of Daniel Eizans talking:

Content Strategy at Business Value

“For me Content Strategy all comes down to ROI. When we talk about big plans and big processes – the governance plan has a metric in mind at the end of the day. We should be able to tell from the content strategy that we lay forth that we are going to get this sort of return on investment based on this sort of initiative. And it’s not just from a marketing perspective. Content strategy can lead to a lot of organizational efficiency. It reduces the number of people you might have to have in a call center.

Any time that you can put it back in terms of ROI it makes it really easy to have organizations change their entire structure around content strategy because you show the true value of it. As long as we can focus it on those things you are going to see success and organizations are going to want to adopt it.

But you have to start small. If you focus on something small first, show that true value of the ROI, it gives you the rational to then go in and make a bigger change. So start small first.”

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