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We felt listened to and empowered. Our collaboration with TUG was key to the success of our mission.

—Kevin Charles
Director, Web Strategy & Development, ASAPS

Helping potential patients make informed decisions

decrease in exits and bounces from homepage
increase in pages per visit
increase in visit duration
increase in contact form use

The Smart Beauty Guide won Best Website at the 2014 Nonprofit PR Awards recognizing “the finest work in the nonprofit communications area.”

Goal: Create updated consumer-facing site

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) wanted to support patient research into aesthetic procedures that range from injectables to surgery. ASAPS already had multiple consumer-facing websites, but these sites were not meeting the needs of patients.

ASAPS asked TUG to help them architect a new consumer-facing place, the Smart Beauty Guide, that would replace two existing sites and provide a better user experience.

Our approach

User research. Discussions with stakeholders confirmed that ASAPS’s audience included novice and experienced patients. But user interviews revealed that ASAPS’ audience was more diverse than initially thought. We found:

  • Interest by men in the information and procedures, and
  • A new motivator: patients looking to increase their personal comfort.

Taxonomy. Many terms in ASAPS’s world mean the same thing, and experienced people use them interchangeably. Yet novices need consistent labeling to locate information. Breast augmentation is a good example—it can be called breast implants, breast enhancement, silicone implants, saline implants, or pectoral implants. Developing a patient-friendly taxonomy was an important part of the project.

ASAPS and TUG focused on creating a consistent taxonomy using:

  • Subject matter interviews,
  • Keyword research to uncover consumer vocabulary, and
  • Competitor review.

Then, we selected medically credible and consistent labels for the website and its navigation. For instance, we recommended breast augmentation over related terms.


Award-winning website is credible, useful, and engaging. ASAPS and TUG planned a site where consumers get accurate medical data in a way that is credible and useful. TUG drew on the user interviews, personas, and scenarios to provide the information architecture of the new site in the form of:

  • Sitemap and navigation taxonomy
  • Wireframe page-level specifications
  • Visitor flows that match persona needs and scenarios of use

The Smart Beauty Guide launched in late 2013 and soon began attracting more visitors and providing a more engaging experience. The redesigned site increased pages per visit, the duration of the visit, and contact form use. It won Best Website at the 2014 Nonprofit PR Awards recognizing “the finest work in the nonprofit communications area.”

Are you responsible for a complex set of websites with a diverse audience?

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