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Summary: Bob Royce of The Understanding Group, spoke on "The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Information Architecture" at the 2011 EuroIA Conference.

Copenhagen, Denmark. May 22, 2011

Today in Copenhagen, conference chair Eric Reiss announced speaker selections for The European IA Summit 2011. Bob Royce of The Understanding Group, an Information Architecture practice headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was one of just three submissions from North America to score high enough in the anonymous and peer-reviewed selection process to get the invitation to present in Prague this coming September.

Royce, whose background in executive and teaching roles placed him in front of many different kinds of rooms and audiences in the past, will be presenting a new talk:

Title: The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Information Architecture: An Interested Observer’s Perspective.

Abstract: In this presentation I will posit why Information Architecture will emerge in the coming years to be one of the most significant disciplines driving the design and development of digital communication. My thesis stems from observations over the course of the history of IA, not as a practitioner, but rather as an interested observer who witnessed its birth up close and has a strong interest in the discipline, but who, none the less, chose to work in different disciplines (at least until recently).

As an early adopter of desktop publishing technology in the ’80s, an executive and solution architect of corporate software solutions during the boom and bust, and then a management consultant to technology companies the past ten years, I’ve witnessed the rise and fall of many technologies and associated disciplines. Drawing on these experiences, I will draw parallels to other technologies and disciplines and show how IA is well positioned to grow significantly in importance, particularly if the community rises to the occasion.

About The EuroIA Conference
This September marks the sixth consecutive annual meeting of the EuroIA Conference, an international gathering of information architects organized under the auspices of the European chapter of the American Society of Information Science and Technology. This year’s meeting runs September 23-24 in Prague, Czech Republic.

About The Understanding Group, LLC
Founded in 2011, The Understanding Group is an Information Architecture practice whose purpose is to clarify complex communications and facilitate understanding among participants. And when people understand, good things follow.

For more information about The Understanding Group please contact Bob Royce at bob (at) or call +1 734 604 1649.

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