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Summary: Bob Royce and Dan Klyn launch The Understanding Group in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as an information architecture practice dedicated to "making things be good."

Ann Arbor, MICH (March 03, 2011)—In the offices of Bodman PLC in Ann Arbor, Michigan, longtime friends Bob Royce and Dan Klyn signed documents together to form a partnership called The Understanding Group.

bob royce and dan klyn

Bob Royce and Dan Klyn, co-founders of The Understanding Group

“Our purpose in forming the company is to bring together the finest practitioners on the planet to do for clients the thing that Richard Saul Wurman posits as the core idea of Information Architecture: making things be good,” said Klyn, co-founder and information architect. “In the case of our business, the things we’re making be good are primarily complex websites, portals, mobile applications and information systems,” said Royce, co-founder and president of the company.

The name of the company is an homage to Mr. Wurman, the Information Architecture pioneer and inventor of the TED conference who at one time operated a company called The Understanding Business.

Royce and Klyn’s decision to headquarter their company in Ann Arbor was a simple one. Royce is a longtime resident and business leader, and Klyn teaches the Information Architecture course at the University of Michigan School of Information. UMSI is known as one of the birthplaces of contemporary information architecture practice, and Royce was a member of the first cohort of students to enter the Digital Library Program at the school after it changed its name from The School of Information and Library Studies in 1992.

In addition to its Ann Arbor headquarters, The Understanding Group has a satellite office at 822 Cherry Street, in Dan’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Understanding Group logo

About The Understanding Group, LLC

The Understanding Group (TUG) is an information architecture practice whose purpose is to clarify complex communications and facilitate understanding among participants. And when people understand, good things follow.

For more information about The Understanding Group please contact Bob Royce at bob (at) or call +1 734 604 1649.

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