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Summary: It was so much fun that we are doing it again: we are offering 4 IA workshops on July 16-18 in Grand Rapids.
Joe Elmendorf and Kaarin Hoff teach Modeling for Clarity workshop

Joe Elmendorf and Kaarin Hoff teach the Modeling for Clarity workshop.

We finally did it! After years of teaching information architecture at conferences and in university classroom settings, we taught our first series of IA workshops in our newly remodeled Ann Arbor office. Eighteen people attended 4 sessions from April 23 to 25, one coming from as far away as Boston. How did it go?

  • Sally, from a large enterprise MedTech company, attended all 4 session sessions and told us:
    “I am really glad I took the time to attend. I am already using some of the learnings. ‘What’ before ‘How’!”
  • Another participant who attended Dan Klyn’s Understanding IA session shared: “The IA workshop was very helpful. There wasn’t too much information. The information was easier to understand than expected.”
  • One participant shared this about Amy Goldmacher’s Designing User Experience workshop: “Even for someone with prior experience, it was reassuring and validating to go over all the basics. Along the way I learned a lot of very helpful tidbits that I’ll be able to apply in my workplace. Most importantly, the exercise at the end took hours of work off my plate and was exactly what I needed to go forth into a new UX project.”
  • IA workshops we offer

    Participants can choose from among 4 different workshops: Understanding IA, Designing User Research, Aligning Stakeholders, and Modeling for Clarity. While each class is self-contained, the curricula is coordinated to cover interlocking skills that are solidified by hands-on practice.

    It was so much fun that we are doing it again: we will offer the same 4 IA workshops on July 16-18 in Grand Rapids (with special pricing for students). We can only host up to 8 people in each class so if you’re considering it, don’t delay. We’d love to see you.

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