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Summary: Dan Klyn and Andrew Hinton bring their popular information architecture workshop on the road in fall 2015.

My colleague, Dan Klyn, and I are going to be instigating some major TUGgery hither and yon in coming months. Keep an eye out, and consider joining us for our information architecture workshop at these delightful events.

UX STRAT — September 8-10, Athens, GA 

UX STRATWe’ll be teaching our SXSW-sellout workshop, IA Essentials, at the premier conference for senior user experience professionals, UX STRAT. The USA version of the conference for 2015 is going to be in archetypal college town, Athens, GA, and it’ll just start to be getting comfortably almost-fall in the south. Actually, no, it’ll still basically be full-on summer, but join us anyway. Georgians are very good at air conditioning!  (BTW I’ll also be presenting on “UX Strategy and Context”.)  Seriously, this will be an excellent, focused conference for leaders, managers, owners, and people wanting to level up in their effectiveness and general ninja abilities. Go.

WebVisions Chicago — September 23-25, Chicago, IL 

Dan and I will also be speaking and doing a workshop at the excellently eclectic WebVisions event, which has expanded in recent years from its home in Portland, Oregon, to bring Portland friendliness and funkiness to cities across the globe. The Chicago show will have a lot of great people speaking and teaching, so we’re honored to be among them. We’ll be doing a concentrated dose of our IA Essentials workshop, and each of us will be speaking: Dan will talk about Strategy and Structure, and I’ll be speaking on Taming Context in the Internet of Things.

IA Summit Italy — October 23-24, Bologna, Italy

IA Summit logoDan and I are both tickled rosa to have been asked to bookend-keynote the 2015 Italian IA Summit, in gorgeous (and, of course, delicious) Bologna, Italy. We’ll be doing the IA Essentials workshop, and speaking on information architecture, meaning, and all sorts of big-thinky-yet-practical stuff. We hope to see a bunch of our European friends who don’t always get to make it across the Atlantic.


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  • Andrea

    Hi Andrew

    I am considering attending your workshop in Bologna. I read your context book on vacation in Tuscany and enjoyed it – even though I don’t agree on everything. It would be nice to meet you and have some discussions with you! However, I’m not really sure if the workshop is for me – is it more a beginner’s or a philosophical thing?

    Thanks and best regards from Zurich, Switzerland

    • Andrew Hinton

      Hi Andrea – Our workshop is totally suitable for just about anyone, but it’ll be especially useful for intermediate to senior practitioners. The workshop has more practice-oriented content than theory, but we do touch on some theory stuff. It’s not directly related to my book, though. It has more to do with IA practice in general. I hope to see you there.