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Summary: Get a sneak peek at the new World IA Day archive!
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It’s World IA Day all year long!

Have you ever wanted to be in more than one place at the same time? We have this feeling every year on World IA Day—there are so many good talks happening all at once! Soon you won’t have to worry about what you missed: you can find WIAD talks in a new free online video archive that is launching with its first phase in late April 2018!

The World IA Day archive will serve as a centralized, on-demand global resource and is aimed at anyone who designs, writes, builds or architects websites. Visitors will be able to access talks given at World IA Day by thought leaders and seasoned practitioners around the world through a central catalog to facilitate discovery.

How do information architects plan a website for information architects? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our process.

What we’re thinking


Architecture and Design: Whither the Difference?

by Dan Klyn

Dan gave a talk to a the LDS Intersect conference last month, where he examines how the principles of architecture remain relevant to how we understand information today.


Responsive web design: Ann Arbor District Library

by Peter Morville

Peter talks with Ann Arbor District Library executive director Josie Parker about their new website: “It’s not a balance, it’s making it great for everyone. You’re not taking from any user by making a mobile great or a desktop great, it should be an equally wonderful experience no matter how they come at it.”

What we’re reading


WIAD talks

To whet your appetite for the new World IA Day archive, check out this selection of videos from this year’s event. This is just a taste of the top-notch content from global experts you’ll soon have at your fingertips!

WIAD 2018 Welcome Video

WIAD San Francisco: Ted McCarthy, Google

WIAD Boston: Closing Keynote from Christina Wodtke, Author, HCI lecturer, Stanford

WIAD DC: Ren Pope, Chief IA at Industrial Medium Software and Laura Hermann, Potomac Communications Group

2018 Information Architecture Summit Closing Plenary

At the close of the IA Summit in March, Marsha Haverty considered how we harmonize our information environments with everyday surroundings, and how we might align those information environments with values and culture.

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