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Summary: World IA Day is coming! What new ideas will you learn at WIAD this year?
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World IA Day is coming!

A love of learning is one of the many things we share with you and our other IA and UX colleagues. How are you challenging yourself in the new year? What do you need to learn in order to lead?

Circle February 24 on your calendar—that’s World IA Day, a free day of learning in 50+ locations. TUG folks will be speaking in 3 cities (Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay). Come out and learn with us—whether you are an IA vet or new to the practice. Information architecture is for everyone!

2018 is already shaping up to be a year of learning for us at TUG. We kicked off the year with our first company mini-con on January 2, where we were treated to talks from thought leaders Peter Morville, Dan Klyn, Tom Meloche, Zoe Carmichael, and Dave Haviland. They spoke on IA-related topics that ranged from the axioms we’re ready to lose (like, “You are not your user”) to the history of Agile, to good meeting facilitation.

Here are some more ideas we’ve been kicking around….

What we’re thinking


headshot of business analyst Daniel O'Neil

Why do we still build websites like it’s 1999?

by Daniel O’Neil

When you build websites, are letting technology drive your decisions? Or are you considering the purpose and language of your site BEFORE you start to code?

Read Daniel’s post here.


Simple models for delicious results

by Travis LaFleur

The continuum model is a simple tool that is a cornerstone of our practice. Travis explains how you can use it to help identify tensions and find a balance between 2 good things.

Read Travis’s post here.

What we’re reading


Planning for everything: The design of paths and goals

Peter’s new book Planning for Everything is coming soon! We at TUG got a sneak peek from Peter when he spoke to our team in January—we looking forward to reading this very practical guide soon! To learn when it’s available sign up here.

No more FAQs: Create purposeful information for a more effective user experience

by Lisa Wright

Really solid advice for how to avoid creating a dumping ground of FAQs on your website: start with a content strategy to provide the right information at the right time.

Designing connected content

by Carrie Hane and Mike Atherton

In this video from GatherContent, Carrie and Mike talk about their new book on how to plan and model digital products. Spoiler alert: to lay a foundation for your website’s structure, figure out what content is important and where the key connections are. (Photo credit: Amy Espinoza)

It’s the (democracy-poisoning) golden age of free speech

by Zeynep Tufekci

You’d think that more free speech would be the antidote to bad speech—but what if that speech muddles your trust? How do we know who is telling the truth? We think IA can help. The theme of World IA Day this year is “IA for Good”. People will be gathering all over the world to talk about how might we use IA to protect our civilization from misinformation, and consider how we struggle to make sense of the abundance of information and sources.

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