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Summary: How do we understand and account for diverse user needs within communities, both in our own domains and globally?
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Join us at World Information Architecture Day

World IA Day (WIAD) is held in 50+ locations all over the world each February, including one of TUG‘s locations: right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In 2019 we explored the theme: “Design for Difference.” The average adult spends more and more time in websites and apps each year. As a result, the organizers of WIAD posit that it’s “our responsibility as information architects to consider the consequences and impact our design decisions have on humanity and society as a whole.”

In the newsletter below, you’ll find more information about WIAD’s past and present. Andrea Pellerito, a TUG colleague and WIAD organizer, shares what makes this year extra great. We also highlight several videos from WIAD 2018.

And Daniel O’Neil continues his series on findability strategies for websites. Which one is best for your site?

What we’re thinking


Why you should go to WIAD

by Maria Sheler-Edwards and Andrea Pellerito, local WIAD organizer

A worldwide conference with a localized flavor: that’s the beauty of World IA Day. This year more than 50 locations around the world focus on the theme “Design for Difference” on February 23.

The map: Context and memory

by Daniel O’Neil

Daniel discusses what a map is for, how it’s been used, and how it can be used on your site. Maps are important when your users need to see the context of possibilities related to an idea, especially if your user can’t recall the original idea.

The index: Knowledge-based look up

by Daniel O’Neil

The index is the original search tool of the literate world. When does it make sense to use them on your site to look things up?

What we’re watching on the WIAD Archive


Ever since launching last year, the WIAD archive has been growing with the help of volunteers, who are loading new videos constantly. Check out some of the latest additions!

Why information architecture?

Talk given by Christina Wodtke at WIAD Boston, 2018

Christina walks us through the history of IA, why it matters, problems it should be working on, IA skills, and more in this delightful closing keynote summarizing key themes she heard throughout the day.

Planning for Misinformation

Talk given by Peter Morville at WIAD Ann Arbor, 2018

Peter builds upon his famous “polar bear book” to reframe vision, strategy, and process. He draws from his book Planning for Everything to reveal 4 principles and 6 practices vital for shaping the future.

Voting, Ballot Usability, and the IA for Voters

Talk given by Dana Chisnell at WIAD Boston, 2018

Harvard Kennedy School faculty member Dana Chisnell discusses research done on the voting process, ballot usability, and IA for voters.

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