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Summary: In our workshops, learn how to use modeling to get your stakeholders on the same page, or to untangle a complicated digital environment.
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Scale up your skillset

Our workshops pack a lot of learning into a day, and we have a few great ones coming up in just a few weeks. They’re an affordable way to tap our expertise for yourself and your team. In our May workshops, you and your team can brush up on the fundamentals of information architecture or user research. Looking for some fresh insights? Learn how to use modeling to get your stakeholders on the same page, or to untangle a complicated digital environment. Check out the post below for the details.

In other TUG reading, Bob talks about the emerging field of artificial intelligence: while it’s true that what machines do when they learn is inscrutable, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and get them off to a good start with some framing. Dan discusses the work of architecture great and design theorist Christopher Alexander and how we can apply his timeless principles in the work we do in digital spaces.

What we’re thinking


TUG workshops are here

by Maria Sheler-Edwards

It was so much fun that we are doing it again: we are offering 4 IA workshops on May 21-23 in Ann Arbor and July 16-18 in Grand Rapids.

Setting up AI for success with IA

by Bob Royce

Artificial intelligence can be a benefit to your business, but only if you are asking the right questions before you start.

Einmal ist keinmal (Once is never)

by Dan Klyn

Dan asks how might we map architect Christopher Alexander’s ideas about value, the self of the maker, and the nature of order into the work we do on iPhone apps and websites.

What we’re watching on the WIAD Archive


Since launching last year, the WIAD archive has been growing with the help of volunteers, who are loading new videos constantly. Check out some of the latest additions!

Tidying up IA

Talk given by Mirabella Olszewski at WIAD Ann Arbor, 2019

Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying up’ has hit Netflix and the internet by storm. How can we apply her methodology to create clean, functional information architectures?

Architecting IA industry events for diversity and inclusion

Talk given by Jeff Pass at WIAD DC, 2019

It’s everyone’s responsibility to create events that are inclusive. Jeff moderated this workshop session featuring Ali Tolbolsky, Glennette Clark, Daniel Newman, and Asha Singh.

Empowerment in the age of self-validating facts

Talk given by Margot Bloomstein at WIAD Boston, 2018

We can no longer divorce the personal from the political. Understanding and relating to the experiences of people who are different from us is the core of empathy, and what we bring to our work as content strategists.

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