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Summary: We're grateful for our friends: Meet some of TUG's talented friends and partners.
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To be rich in friends is to be poor in nothing

If this is true, we at The Understanding Group are millionaires: We are surrounded by great partners and friends. In this issue, we give a shout out to some of the good people we collaborate with—and those we just plain admire. Enjoy these great World IA Day talks from Kat King and Andrew Hinton, and a preview of Jorge Arango‘s newest book. We are enriched by our community.

One of our most enduring partnerships is with Q Ltd., an Ann Arbor-based design agency. They designed this nifty poster based on the work of information architect Peter Morville, our mutual advisor and friend. We love designing digital places with Q that bring order to complex digital worlds with on-brand, delightful user experiences. Download your poster today!

Headline quote credit: Lilian Whiting

Our favorite WIAD talks


The IA of I am

by Kat King

In this talk from World IA Day 2016, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the always delightful Kat King applies the principles of IA to our personal identity. What does it mean to have integrity across contexts as a human?


Context Design

by Andrew Hinton

TUG alum and author Andrew Hinton explores what we mean when we say the phrase “information environment.” It is an interesting talk worth going back to because it addresses some of the fundamental reasons why information architecture continues to grow in importance today. Andrew always has a unique way of helping audiences understand through unusual pairings (taxonomy and taxidermy, context, and urinals). More than 5 years ago, he asserted “information and placemaking are intertwingled in a way that makes it so that there is no longer a clean separation between representation and instantiation.”

A great talk still very relevant today.

What we’re reading


Living in Information: Responsible Design for Digital Places

From the co-author of Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond, Jorge Arango focuses on one central question in his new book: How can we design information environments so they serve our social needs in the long run? Thoughtful consideration of how what we build today impacts our future is certainly not new for Jorge, a long time advocate of pace-layering. We are just glad he finally wrote this brilliant book on the subject. It is a must-have for anyone involved with the design of good digital places. Read an excerpt from Jorge’s book.

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