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Summary: Information Architecture has influences from other fields. In this issue, we discuss mathematician Claude Shannon and architect Christopher Alexander.
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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Our relatively recent practice of Information Architecture has many forebears. At TUG, we often talk about architects and the process they use to plan buildings in the physical world. The principles that guide their work have application for how we plan for places in the digital world.

In this issue, Dan Klyn digs into the work of architect Christopher Alexander, who wrote that “most of the wonderful places of the world were not made by architects but by the people.”

Information Architecture has influences from other fields as well, such as the work of mathematician Claude Shannon. Dan’s interactive poster describes some of Shannon’s work—and for fun, you can fold it up and make a cootie catcher! We’re sending them out free to our friends — get yours here.

Claude Shannon-IA Cootie Catcher




Talk: What if Space Isn’t Neutral?

Dan Klyn
by Dan Klyn

Dan spent some time in California recently, teaching about the work of architect Christopher Alexander. You can follow along with his talk here, in the form of slides and audio.

Also, you can catch Dan speaking with BeMyApp on What Good Means.


Fix Your Digital Strategy with Information Architecture

Daniel O'neil
by Daniel O’Neil

Daniel talks about how IA-thinking helps us realize the full vision of a digital space—and avoid the dangers of relying on only specifications.




Game Changer Emeritus: Christopher Alexander

by Avanish Rajagopal for Metropolis

For a look at the impact of Christopher Alexander’s work on our modern-day technologies, check out this tidy little poster:


Beyond Digital: Taxonomies & Ecosystems


by Matt Hollidge for Medium

Hollidge uses Legos as a metaphor for taxonomies and shares a case study from a recent client.


Half a House


For 99% Invisible podcast

Interesting podcast episode on building what’s appropriate, which sometimes means making room for what will inevitably will be built by people later on.



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