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Summary: Dan Klyn, co-founder of The Understanding Group, teaches information architecture at the University of Michigan's School of Information.

UMSIIt’s going to be a long weekend: the first session of the information architecture course I get to teach at the University of Michigan School of Information is this coming Monday, January 13. This Winter term marks the 12th time I’ve given some version or other of the world’s first-ever graduate school course in Information Architecture (a class invented by my mentor and TUG advisor Peter Morville), and as ever the curriculum is one I’ve never before proposed or followed.

Promise not to spoil the surprise for my students? Here’s the slides I’ll be presenting from at 1pm Eastern time on Monday. What you won’t be able to deduce from the slides: the guests I’ll have Skype-ing or appearing with me on certain dates indicated in red on slide 11. These include Andy Fitzgerald on Taxonomy, Shane Hipps on Media Ecology, Abby Covert on Place, and my hero Richard Saul Wurman on his 1989 masterwork HATS.

Each week I will try to make a recording of some of what we’re doing and post it to the course website:

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