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Summary: Blog post by Daniel O'Neil, and talk recap by Dan Klyn, and Daniel Eizans asks what's your "why"?


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Visualizing Search Analytics Data 
Part 1: Let’s Get Relevant

By: Daniel O’Neil

Relevant_sweet_spotWe need simpler ways to explain complex search data. In this two-part blog post, I’ll show you how to make it easier by using two killer visualizations of search behavior. (Watch Twitter to find out when we post Part 2.)

Read the full article.

IA and Business Strategy: An Evolving Relationship

architecture and strategy symbiosisBy: Andrew Hinton

When we work with clients, we’re consistently met with situations where information architecture overlaps with business strategy and management. I’ve been thinking about this relationship more and more lately, and I’m being reminded it’s not a new thing.

Read the full article.


World Usability Day

Nov 14,  Bristol, UK

Dan Klyn talks about how ancient architectural principles apply to the places we construct online in his keynote presentation: Is It Usable Yet? Listen and view slide deck.

TUG Open House | GR 

Nov 19,  Grand Rapids, MI

What’s your “why”? Daniel Eizans explained a content strategy process that starts with your core values and connects you and your users in a meaningful way. Guests were treated to a rare peek at TUG’s work while talking shop, eating Zingerman’s, and forming friendships. Read more and view the slide deck.


Having Words

Screenshot 2013-12-12 12.40.45By: Denise Scott Brown

This small book is a “big deal” anthology of 40+ years of Scott Brown’s writings on the making of architecture, on the human challenges of urban planning, and on the community of architectural practice itself.

Read the full book.

What Screens Want: Some Thoughts on Digital Canvases

By: Frank Chimero

Designer Frank Chimero’s lovely and highly readable essay discusses the evolution of design on the screen, and how humans wrestle with using the digital medium to describe stuff that exists in the real world and beyond.

Read the full article.

Responsive Design Won’t Solve Your Problem

Karen McGrathBy: Karen McGrane

McGrane suggests that when you implement a responsive redesign, it’s also the right time to take a good look at your content and its underlying strategy. Read the full article.


Practical Web Analytics for User Experience

Book by Michael Beasley; review by Daniel O’Neil

This is not a fluffy book. But that’s appropriate, because analytics is not a fluffy subject. That being said, Practical Web Analytics for User Experience doesn’t expect you to be a math genius or a data wonk. Its only expectation is that the reader approach analytics with patience and a willingness to learn.
UX practitioners should structure their work with this book as a thirty-hour training course for developing analytics mastery. At the end of your course, you will have a remarkable range of abilities, including:

  • The core of a UX-focused analytics practice
  • An understanding of the core analytics reports and how to use them
  • Strategies for conveying understanding to clients through analytics
  • How to apply analytics to the most common UX efforts (personas, page optimization, and segmentation)

Very solid, detailed, clear, and thoughtful. Highly recommended.

Note: TUG’s Daniel O’Neil had the good fortune to get an advanced read as the reviewer of this book.
Buy it on Amazon.

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