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Information Architecture Events Heat Up February

Where did January go? We are happy it’s behind us, as that means we’re closer to a great week of IA events coming up in mid-February.

cover of Understanding Context: Environment, Language and Information ArchitectureTo kick off the week, TUG will be hosting a book launch and open house to celebrate the release of Andrew Hinton’s book, Understanding Context: Environment, Language, and Information Architecture. You’re all invited to join us in our Ann Arbor office on Monday, February 16.

On Thursday, February 19, Andrew Hinton and Kaarin Hoff will be previewing their IA Summit talk, Practical Modeling: Making the Invisible Visible, at the Detroit User Experience Meetup.

Finally, World Information Architecture Day is Saturday, February 21, and that means great IA events in 38 cities in 24 countries. TUG is a proud sponsor of the World IA Day event in Ann Arbor, where Andrew Hinton and Dan Klyn will both be speaking. We hope to see you there.

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Simple Models for Delicious Results

Travis LaFleur

by Travis LaFleur

A simple tool we use at TUG has a lot in common with Mark Bittman’s approach to cooking (food journalist for The New York Times). The key: clarifying your intent.

Video: “Strategy and Structure”

Dan Klyn, information architect

by Dan Klyn

In this 52-minute video on digital strategy delivered at ConveyUX, Dan covers four principles for producing structures that embody and reflect a thoughtful strategy.

IA Essentials Workshop at SXSW

Andrew Hinton, information architect

by Andrew Hinton

Andrew gives an overview of what to expect at the IA Essentials workshop he will lead with Dan Klyn at SXSW.


The Rapidly Disappearing Business of Design

In Wired magazine, Robert Fabricant wonders: as user-centered design firms are bought and assimilated into larger corporations, what is the future for independent designers?

Terms of Service: Understanding Our Role in the World of Big Data

Michael Keller and Josh Neufield illustrate the challenges of balancing privacy and security in this smart little graphic novella for Al Jazeera America.

Practical Empathy

Newly released book by Indi Young discusses ways that an empathetic mindset supports collaboration and creativity.

Remaking The U.S. Government’s Online Image, One Website At A Time

The U.S. government is changing the way it creates software systems with the help of a newly formed department that is focused on the needs of users.


February 16, 2015: Book Launch and Open House
Ann Arbor, MI
“Understanding Context”: Book talk by Andrew Hinton

February 19, 2015: Detroit User Experience Meetup
Royal Oak, MI
“Practical Modeling: Making the Invisible Visible” by Andrew Hinton and Kaarin Hoff

February 21, 2015: World Information Architecture Day
38 cities, including Ann Arbor, MI
“DUMB: Five Patterns from the Work of Richard Saul Wurman” by Dan Klyn
“Understanding Context” by Andrew Hinton

March 23-25, 2015: SXSW
Austin, TX
“Information Architecture Essentials” by Andrew Hinton and Dan Klyn

April 22-26, 2015: IA Summit
Minneapolis, MN
“Information Architecture for Everybody” by Dan Klyn and Abby Covert
“Practical Modeling: Making the Invisible Visible” by Kaarin Hoff, Andrew Hinton, and Joe Elmendorf


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