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Summary: The Understanding Group welcomes Bill Holsinger-Robinson, who has joined TUG as the vice president of client services at our Grand Rapids location.


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Bill HR_LinkedIn_cropWe’re growing! TUG welcomes Bill Holsinger-Robinson, who has joined TUG as our new vice president of client services. Bill has a deep background in entrepreneurship and technology, and will be based at our Grand Rapids location.

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Understanding Information Architecture

dk-bw-head-fixedBy: Dan Klyn
The “north star” TUG uses to guide our efforts can be phrased as a maxim: the products and services we design must reflect something meaningful in the world, and then make it useful. Read the full article.

What Happens When IAs Meet Building Architects?

12_Sheler_Edwards_bw_smallBy: Maria Sheler-Edwards
It’s our favorite metaphor, and we recently watched it come to life for a client who was renovating their building and their website at the same time. Read the full article.

Visualizing Search Analytics Data, Part II: Search Accuracy

Daniel_HeadshotsquareBy: Daniel O’Neil
We need simpler ways to explain complex search data. In the second half of this two-part blog post, I’ll show you how to nail accuracy in your search results. Read the full article.

Reflecting on 15 Years of the IA Summit

peterWith Peter Morville
What advice does a founder of IA give to practitioners, both new and … not-so-new? TUG’s strategic advisor Peter Morville shares his thoughts. Read the full article.


Architecture, Design, and the Connected Environment

By: Andy Fitzgerald

DanKlynImageJust when it seems we’re starting to get our heads around the mobile revolution, another design challenge has risen up: the Internet of Things. Read the full article.

How to Breathe Life into Personas

By: Barnabas Nagy

Screenshot 2014-01-16 17.26.40“Thinking about users as ‘just users’ is just plain harmful… . If we have empathy, we will not design something that would make these people feel trapped, cheated, or confused.” Read the full article.

Design is the Rendering of Intent

By: Jared Spool

UIEtips-GOESThis article gets to a theme that we are seeing more and more: people are pulling back from the “just jump in and make stuff” myth. But we think that doing user research to figure out intention is only a supplement: it’s the vision, purpose, and the architecture that sets the right foundations for getting there. Read the full article.

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