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What we learned in 2017

Whatever kind of year 2017 has been for you, now is a good time to reflect on what you’ve learned from the last 12 months. We’ve had a great year at TUG, and as we reflect on it, some of the articles we wrote this year stand out as the best ones to take with us into 2018.

In the links below, Dan Klyn lays the foundation of what IA can do for your project, Daniel O’Neil describes how to get the most from your eCommerce site, and Travis LaFleur ponders the use of pre-designed websites. Plus we’re offering our free ebook, 5 Techniques for a Great Website.

You’ll also find our usual list of great industry reading to keep you up-to-date on what’s new (such as an ingenious way to fight fake news).

If anything triggers a thought or question, we’d love to hear from you! Better yet, come and visit. We make a mean cup of coffee and our offices are downright cozy in the winter.

What We’re Thinking


Understanding information architecture

by Dan Klyn

Our most read blog post of all time! Learn how IA can make your next site redesign a success.

Read Dan’s post here.


headshot of business analyst Daniel O'Neil

Supercharge your e-commerce!

by Daniel O’Neil

Is your ecommerce site underperforming? In this post, Daniel reveals a common pitfall and how you can remedy it.

Read Daniel’s post here.


Proposals Toward the End of Web Design

by Travis LaFleur

With all the designer tools available today, it’s easy to pull together a fast website. But how do you know if it’s good?

Read Travis’s post here.


cover of TUGs free ebook 5 techniques for a great website

Website redesign doesn’t need to be scary

Even been told “Make the website better” by your boss? You know it can be better, and customers complain that “It feels like a maze.” You know you’re being compared to Facebook and Amazon and making it better seems like a great idea. But, where do you even begin? Learn more in our free ebook, 5 Techniques for a Great Website. Download your copy today—it’s our gift to you!


What We’re Reading


The biggest UX challenges of 2017

Did they get it right? Published all the way back in January, this article from FastCo predicts some of top social justice issues for 2017, and the role user experience can play in addressing them. This year did see some progress in addressing the top issue—fake news. In A taxonomy of trust, Jorge Arango shares a new way to combat the spread of misinformation masquerading as journalism.


Selling information architecture

by Jorge Arango

Jorge explains the value proposition of information architects: we help clients see the value of thinking through their system’s conceptual model….before they ever get into decisions about the user interface.


An Opposite Truth

by Dan Klyn for Medium

If “the opposite of a great truth is also true,” Dan wonders if we shouldn’t be drawing on our own instincts for what is good information architecture.


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