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Summary: Learn what it takes to make a good website that truly fits your intentions and your audience.
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What’s it take to make a good website?

Building a good website that serves both the needs of your organization and your visitors can be challenging!

In this issue of TUG Notes, we share a variety of ways to plan and architect websites that are useful, scaleable, and engaging for visitors, and satisfy your stakeholders, too.

There’s a classic from the archive on the importance of user models, a new article on how to use models to improve your agile development process, and our new eBook, Four Ways to Help Your Digital Place Be Good.

We hope you enjoy them!

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How Did Your Last Site Redesign Work Out?

by Grant Carmichael

Make your next site redesign a success with the principles and tools of information architecture—such as models to better understand your users.


Building a Better Agile Backlog with Models

by Daniel O’Neill

Using modeling during agile software development can help produce better understanding for your clients and stakeholders, and alignment with the business.


4 Ways to Help Your Digital Places be Good

In our free eBook, Four Ways to Help Your Digital Places Be Good, we share some of ways we’ve learned to ensure a website redesign project gets off to a good start. Download your copy today—it’s our gift to you!


What We’re Reading


Thought Weapons of an Experience Designer/Illustrator

by Kevin White

Kevin shares what’s in his pencil case, along with a brief description of their use.


Mobile Subnavigation

by Raluca Budiu for Nielsen Norman

Presenting subcategories on mobile devices is not always straightforward; the number of lower-level categories in the IA and users’ navigation patterns on the site dictate which of them to use.


The Rules for Modern Navigation

by Stephanie Lin for UX Booth

A nice collection of best practices for creating more effective, clearer navigation experiences.


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