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Summary: In the June 2015 issue of The Understanding Group's monthly newsletter, we expound on how every website starts with why.
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Every Website Starts with Why

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Every website exists for a reason. Whether it’s to entertain, inform, educate, connect, or sell, you put a lot of time into creating a digital place that will help you meet your goals. Before any code gets written, do some work ahead of time and clarify your intent.

In our blog posts this month, Andrew, Daniel, and Travis discuss the importance of understanding your website’s “why” and agreeing on the words you use.

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Headshot of Andrew Hinton, Information Architect

Getting Language Right: Workshop Recap and Podcast

by Andrew Hinton

How do people figure out their environments, especially online? Andrew taught participants in the UX Lisbon workshop some of the essential principles, and then brought it all together in a fun podcast with Abby the IA for UX Podcast.


headshot of Daniel O'Neil

How Does TUG Guide Web Development?

by Daniel O’Neil

Daniel discusses TUG‘s method for discovering the true intent for your web development project: map your intentions, arrange for meaning, create models of what you want, and agree on a consistent and shared language.


headshot of Daniel O'Neil

You Lost Them at “Glossary”: Create a Shared Vocabulary Instead

by Daniel O’Neil

Speaking of agreeing on a consistent and shared language for your web project, Daniel dives a little deeper into how a shared vocabulary helps inform choices about design and implementation in ways that a glossary doesn’t.


Travis LaFleur

“What Before How” at UX Camp and IUE 2015

by Travis LaFleur

Travis shares his talks on TUG‘s “What Before How” framing for website projects, and describes four ways we’ve put that into practice.



Conference Report of the 2015 IA Summit

Information architects value inquiry. Student and IA Institute scholarship recipient Elizabeth McDonald recounts some of the highlights and themes of the IA Summit in Minneapolis.

Why White Space is Crucial to UX Design

It’s not just about aesthetics: white space improves comprehension by clustering visual information.

Information Architecture’s Role in UX Design

Friend of TUG Jorge Arango discusses the state of information architecture and the importance of designers’ understanding of context and perspective.



UX Strategy Forum 2015
July 15—Tokyo, Japan

Peter Morville, Keynote:  Architecture of Understanding
Dan Klyn:  Strategy & Structure Doing It Right, and How You’d Know

UX STRAT USA 2015 International Conference
September 8-10, 2015—Athens, GA

Andrew Hinton will be speaking on user experience strategy and organizational context.

Webvisions Chicago
September 23-25—Chicago, IL

Dan Klyn and Andrew Hinton:  Information Architecture Essentials
Andrew Hinton:  Taming Context in the Internet of Things
Dan Klyn:  Strategy and Structure: Doing it Right and How You’d Know


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