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Summary: In this issue, we've included a link to Dan Klyn's IA Summit talk, as well as the latest thinking in the field of information architecture.
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What’s your digital world like?

We’ve been busy here at TUG working on some major projects for some really big companies. They’re struggling with how complex the world is, and how to create elegantly useful digital places for their customers. But just because we’re making these big companies more valuable, that doesn’t mean we’ve taken our eye off the ball in what’s going on in Information Architecture.

When you read through the pieces we offer below, you’ll learn about haircuts, Magic 8-Balls, waterfalls…and the dumb and mundane. The need to create meaning is everywhere, and, as Dan Klyn says in the IA Summit keynote we link to below, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Until our next email, we can guarantee you we’ll be busy making the complex clear in all kinds of ways, and we hope you will too. The world needs us to…desperately.

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What We’re Reading


Talk: IA Summit closing plenary keynote

by Dan Klyn

To cap off IAS17, Dan considers the larger context of the future of our practice and our community.


Supercharge your E-commerce Product Catalog

by Daniel O’Neill

Daniel talks about how a product-driven taxonomy can optimize your e-commerce websites, when they’re organized by the unique qualities of the products themselves.


4 Objections Developers have about Information Architecture

by Daniel O’Neil

Software developers often raise common objections about Information Architecture—but they aren’t really problems at all.


What We’re Reading


Your digital interface is your brand

by Gerry McGovern

In the world of digital, it is the digital architecture interface that creates the first and lasting impressions.


Managing chaos

by Lisa Welchman

Welchman shares from her vast experience what you need to know to establish a sane—and sustained–digital governance that fits your organization.


A visual vocabulary for concept models

by Christina Wodtke for Medium

A must-read for anyone who creates visual models to help explain concepts.


Ladies that UX on women in design and diversity

by Huma Wadood for

Why is it important to celebrate and promote women in UX? Because our daughters deserve to grow up in a world with products and services designed for them (h/t to Melissa Eggleston).


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