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Summary: Happy Birthday to The Understanding Group! We are celebrating three years of helping organizations meet their goals through better-structured websites.
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Happy Birthday TUG

Happy 3rd Birthday to TUG!

We are delighted to be celebrating three years of helping organizations meet their business goals through better-structured websites. Please join us on March 24 to celebrate! Dan Klyn will be sharing his reflection on the changes we’ve observed in the digital landscape just since 2011. It promises to be an exciting evening!

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Two Simple Rules for Choosing the Right Visualization

a headshot of Daniel O'Neil

by Daniel O’Neil

As you may have guessed by now, TUG loves using visualizations, large and small. They are one of the secret weapons in our never-ending quest to help people make their websites clear and useful.

Read more about how to choose the right data visualization.


IxDA Grand Rapids: Future of Information Architecture vs. Interactive Design

a headshot of Dan Klyn

by Dan Klyn

Dan argues from the perspective of architecture—in the traditional sense as well as IA—during this conversation with Matt Nish-Lapidus, hosted by IxDA Grand Rapids.

What’s the future of IA?

Opening Talk at A2 WIAD: Form Follows Forces—Part 2

a headshot of Dan Klyn

by Dan Klyn and Abby Covert

Abby asserts that we are holding ourselves less accountable to our intrinsic pride in our creative work and more to our deadlines and extrinsic motivations. What does this mean for the next generation of designers?


Cool Find: Richard Saul Wurman Interview

Buried inside a used copy of Information Architects that Dan Klyn recently scored for $50 was this hidden gem: an article torn from the January 2000 issue of Knowledge Management, a trade publication, that features a long-lost Richard Saul Wurman interview.

Information Wayfinding, Part 3: Designing for Wayfinding

by Tyler Tate

We found this article to be an interesting angle on the conversation around digital places, versus just spaces Tate describes how people move through 3D information environments (like a city) and compares those behaviors to how people navigate online. Read more about digital places and designing for wayfinding.

Why Planning a Website is Like Building a House

by Rachel Guthrie-Maynard

Guthrie-Maynard nicely draws the parallels between the benefits of planning your house and planning your website. Read more about why you need an information architect for your website.

For another shared perspective, see Joe Elmendorf’s blog post from last summer on Making Good Places out of Unruly Spaces.


Find out how you can put the what before the how on your next website redesign or e-commerce optimization project.

Contact Bob Royce at today to learn how information architecture can bring structure to your world and understanding to your site visitors.

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