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Summary: This issue of TUG Notes recounts World IA Day and includes links to WIAD 2016 talks from TUG's information architects and others.
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Information Everywhere, Architects Everywhere

We just celebrated World IA Day! As a global sponsor, we were proud to support learning and professional development of attendees in 57 cities around the world.

The theme of the WIAD 2016 talks was “information everywhere, architects everywhere.” We all deal with digital information and places on a daily basis—as IAs, our goal is to bring order and clarity to them. We hope that the articles and presentations below help you learn something new about how to organize the digital places in your world.




Confident in Our Value Proposition

Kaarin Hoff
by Kaarin Hoff

How do information architects see the world, and what unique value do we bring to a project? Kaarin says it’s not about having the right answers; it’s about having the right APPROACH to get to the right answers.


World IA Day 2016 Milwaukee

Joe Elmendorf
by Joe Elmendorf

Joe talks about his experience organizing Milwaukee’s first World IA Day and his delight with discovering the IA/UX community in Wisconsin. He shares the presentations from all the speakers, including TUG’s own Jessica DuVerneay’s talk on “Architecture and IA: Expanding the Metaphor.”


Toward a More Expansive View of Wireframes

Travis Lafleur
by Travis LaFleur

Reconsider the wireframe: they can communicate so much more than just page structure. In this post, Travis shares a project where TUG overlaid mental and emotional elements on wireframes to prescribe user engagement on multiple levels.


The Three Views of Information Architecture

Dan Klyn
by Dan Klyn

In this client case study written for UX Booth, Dan compares the way an architect uses plans, sections, and elevations to describe views of a physical structure to the way an IA creates deliverables to describe a digital place.




A World of Information Architects

Behold: an ever-growing list of resources from talks given across the globe for World IA Day 2016! This collaborative Google doc includes links to slides, audio, and video. Enjoy catching up on the latest thought leadership from global IA community (and maybe get inspired to do your own talk next year)!


Bhinneka Tunggal Ika: Unity in Diversity

For his World IA Day keynote delivered via video to Depok, Indonesia, Peter Morville shares key experiences from his ground-breaking career and how they shaped the development of the field of information architecture.


The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture

UX Booth provides an overview of the practice of information architecture, including a link to Dan Klyn’s helpful video, Explaining Information Architecture.


The Pain with No Name

In her article for A List Apart, Abby Covert discusses the pervasive issues that persist around organizing information on the web. She makes a convincing case for the study and application of information architecture principles as a way to counteract the “pain with no name.”



Ignite UX 2016Ignite UX

March 15, 2016—Ann Arbor, Michigan

TUG is a proud sponsor of Ignite UX Michigan.


logo for the Information Architecture (IA) SummitIA Summit

May 4-8, Atlanta, Georgia

Speakers include Dan Klyn, Andrew Hinton, and Jessica DuVerneay




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