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Summary: In this issue of TUG Notes, we share some ideas for how to achieve clarity in your projects.

Grateful for Clarity

The Understanding Group is grateful that we can help our clients make a difference in the world. We’re also grateful we get to do what we love: make the complex clear. In this issue of TUG Notes, we share some ideas for how to achieve clarity in your projects through a deep understanding of context, processes, and environments.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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Understanding Context, The Book

headshot of Andrew Hinton

by Andrew Hinton

In his new book, Understanding Context (available for pre-order now), Andrew digs deep into how people experience digital environments, and how information and design help shape context online.

Resisting the Cargo Cult of UX Strategy

headshot of Travis LaFleur

by Travis LaFleur

Travis shares a cautionary tale from his own experience about what happens when you start with a solution before really understanding the problem.

“Built to Last” IA Deliverables: Parts 1 and 2

headshot of Daniel O'Neil

by Daniel O’Neil

In this two-part blog post, Daniel discusses an approach for creating clear and effective solutions to complex problems.


How to Make Sense of Any Mess

TUG BFF @Abby_the_IA Covert has just published her new book, How to Make Sense of Any Mess. With her signature simplicity, Abby has produced a tidy book that walks the reader through seven steps that will help untangle the worst knots.

A World Made of Information

Also not to be missed from Abby: an elegant treatise in five lessons on the growing importance of the need to architect information.

What You Know About Information Architecture, Might Not be True

Digital strategist Paul Boag addresses some common myths about IA.

Five Things Digital Marketers Should Know About User Experience

Kristin Low shares his thoughts on the role of UX designers and how their insights can complement the work of digital marketers.


Ask a Question

Find out how you can put the what before the how on your next website redesign or e-commerce optimization project.

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