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Summary: Carole Franklin joins the TUG team as Director of Program Management and Research in the Ann Arbor office.
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Looking Ahead: Team TUG Continues to Grow!

Our passion at TUG is helping people create digital places that other people love to visit—they find what they need, learn new things, and connect with others in meaningful ways. We’re always excited to add to our team because it enables us to help even more people create delightful digital places.

Carole Franklin

That’s especially true this month as we welcome Carole Franklin to our team as Director of Program Management and Research. Carole is an experienced business and communications consultant who will ensure all of our boats tug along on time in the midst of our growth. She’ll also be building out our user experience research practice (stay tuned for more on that later).

We also welcome to our Ann Arbor office Rohan Malpani, our latest intern from the University of Michigan’s School of Information.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have been busy writing and speaking. You can catch up on some of our latest thinking below. Enjoy!

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Because McLuhan

headshot of Dan Klyn

by Dan Klyn

One of the ways TUG explains information architecture is in terms of maintaining the structural integrity of meaning across channels. How do you know how to do that? Using the work of Marshall McLuhan, who famously stated, “The medium is the message,” Dan talks about about the power of the medium, and what can be gained by peeling it apart from the message.

Dumb Models Aren’t for Dummies: A Case Study in Information Architecture

Daniel O'neil

by Daniel O’Neil

How do you explain your thinking so that you and your client have a shared understanding? Daniel talks about the process of choosing the right model—it may not be your first instinct.



What it Means to Double Down on IA

As the October 24 deadline approaches for proposal submissions for the IA Summit (co-chaired by TUG’s Jessica DuVerneay), volunteer curators—including TUG’s Dan Klyn—share their thinking on the role and practice of information architecture.

Creating a Cultural Fit: Using Ethnography with Users and Stakeholders

Peter Morville believes that the right design is one that fits the company and its customers. Learning about an organization’s culture is the key.

Heuristic Storytelling (or How I Stopped Counting Cats and Started Telling Stories)

In this presentation originally created for EuroIA 2014, David Fiorito departs from the traditional methods of user research and instead taps the power of storytelling as a way to understand users and their environments.

Can You Recognize Your Favorite Websites by Looking Only at Their Skeletons?

Chances are you wouldn’t be able to recognize your friends or loved ones without their skin, but how about your favorite websites? Can you tell them apart when they are stripped right down to their wireframes?

Why Fender’s Interactive Design Team Wireframes Its Site By Hand

Designers at Fender are echewing digital tools in favor of time-tested methods that help them actually think differently about their process.


Find out how you can put the what before the how on your next website redesign or e-commerce optimization project.

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