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Summary: Download a copy of Richard Saul Wurman's Olympic Access Swimming map.

Photo of the table-tent card we provided along with free posters at World IA Day locations this year

Celebrating World IA Day 2016 and 40 years since Richard Saul Wurman invented information architecture, this poster recreates one of Mr. Wurman’s favorite “maps” from Olympic Access, a book he created to enhance his own understanding of the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles.

Then as now, RSW‘s approach is to make the complex clear, using the principles of architecture.

The thoughtful making of space and place.
The architecture of information.
The waking dream of making the journey from not knowing
to knowing.

As part of TUG‘s sponsorship of WIAD this year, we printed a few hundred of these Olympic Access Swimming mini-posters and provided them to North American WIAD locations free of charge. Download the poster here, or come visit one of our offices to get a hard copy. And of course, our consultants can bring these to you when you hire us.

Fold-out Poster

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