Grant CarmichaelInformation Architect

Grant believes that a harmonious design—balancing the needs of the business, the people interacting through it, and the materials and environment—begins with an understanding of the ‘why.’ He is passionate about uncovering what is meaningful through listening, research, and analysis. He tells those stories through modeling to inform the creation of a place, a form, an app, or a system. Information architecture has been a beacon in Grant’s design work ever since he soaked in Information Architects by Richard Saul Wurman back in the 90’s.

Grant’s career started with a degree in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon and has evolved inevitably to UX in the 20+ years since. Grant uses his design and inquiry skills to make sure ‘why’ is represented in all manner of projects—from physical to digital, for small companies to international corporations. He enjoys walks on the beach and thorny, complex problems.

Leadership Activities
Talks and workshops
  • User Interface-Keeping People at the Center of Your Design – Momentum Workshop | Grand Rapids, MI | Jun 6, 2011
  • All Hands on Deck – How ID and IxD Together Can Shape the User Experience – IDSA Mid East District Conference | Grand Rapids, MI | May 1, 2010
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