Kaarin HoffInformation Architect

Kaarin believes that information architecture offers the solution to the ever-growing chaos of the Internet, through clarifying, simplifying, and asking users to help define what value means in each digital space. The sheer messiness of the Internet drew Kaarin to the field of IA, and she finds joy in sussing out the connections and meaning in digital spaces.

She studied Human Computer Interaction at University of Michigan’s School of Information (UMSI). At UMSI she learned both the philosophical underpinning and practical application of user experience research and information structuring. Her previous work experiences include: web manager, conference planner, and coach; all of which contribute to her perspective, attention to detail, and hunger to meet the needs of any project. She is passionate about being part of TUG and the mission to help businesses understand their users and users understand the business in mutually beneficial and enjoyable ways.

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