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Summary: Daniel Eizans and Andrew Hinton gave a workshop on placemaking with information architecture and content strategy at Midwest UX 2013. Slides here.

Andrew and Daniel presenting pictureDaniel Eizans, Jessica DuVerneay and I (Andrew) had a great time spending a few hours with Midwest UX folks for our workshop on placemaking with information architecture and content strategy.

The theme for this year’s Midwest UX had to do with “Place”—a favorite obsession of ours here at TUG. We’re big believers in how good information architecture and content strategy should help user experiences feel like coherently organized places, not unlike a well-designed building or urban cityscape.

Since it was only a few hours long, we didn’t get to dive into details and hands-on activities for these methods, but we do offer training in all of them if your teams back home would benefit. If you’re interested, just shoot us a note! (andrew or jessica at understandinggroup dot com)

As promised in the workshop, we’re sharing our slides here (PDF With Notes (40MB)), as well as some resources for use when attempting any of the user context modeling and content mapping.

Additional Resources

Content Modeling and Mapping
Daniel Eizans’ OmniGraffle template for context modeling and cognitive mapping (ZIP).

More on Performance Continuums
Determining What “Good” Means with Performance Continuums
Dan Klyn talk at DigiSynd

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