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Summary: A beginner's guide to lean unmoderated user testing including articles, workshops and training

Getting started with any project is often the hardest part – and user testing is no different. Many organizations would like to test their existing or pre launch products with actual users, but do not know how to get started, or are concerned with allocating resources to an endeavour that will not produce immediate results.

In addition to our consulting offerings, we at TUG enjoy explaining the tools and systems we use to demystify the value of the process we use and empower companies to jump in themselves – user testing included. The past few months have been loaded with writing and workshops around making the complex aspects of user testing clear.

We are pleased to share TUG’s “Guide” to Getting Started with Lean User Testing:


User Testing Can Be Confusing

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This spring, I’ve been guest writing for’s blog. If you are new to user testing, either as a practitioner or product manager, reading the following three articles should give you an intro that will address When to Test, What to Test, and concludes with a wrap up for practitioners on How to Test. Please feel free to email me directly at jessica(at)understandingroup(dot)com with any questions – I’m always happy to talk shop.


Once again, TUG and respected incubator / course provider General Assembly are bringing TUG’s Lean Unmoderated User Testing Course to the west coast in July, teaching attendees how to effectively structure and analyze lean user tests.

General Assembly LAOver two consecutive Mondays, July 15th and 22nd from 6pm to 9pm each day, I will explain and explore the creation, implementation, and analysis of unmoderated user testing. This course is perfect for practitioners who want to build user testing into their skill set, or product managers or entrepreneurs that want a deep understanding of what it will take to bring user testing in house. The cost of the workshop is $250, and includes 5 free test credits from (which coinidentally is a $250 value, what a deal!).

Keep posted through TUG’s newsletter for this workshop in an area near you, or request one in your area by contacting our president, Bob.


Sometimes an article or short workshop isn’t enough to get your whole UX team mobilized and ready to take on testing confidently, especially if you work at a large organization and need everyone to be on the same page.

TUG offers custom tailored in-house user testing workshops designed to teach your team how to test, and in the process delivers a set of actionable prioritized findings to help you make immediate, cost effective, user research based improvements to your site. (Bonus: Previous participants report they are pretty fun to attend!)

If you want more information on securing a personalized talk or tailored workshop for your organization or group, please contact TUG’s President, Bob Royce at bob(at)understandinggroup(dot)com.

Thanks for reading and happy testing!

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