Plan and architect your digital places

Our consultants help you architect your websites, intranets, portals, and applications so your visitors can connect with you and find what they are looking for.

Information Architecture

Whether you’re updating an existing website or starting fresh, we can help you architect a place that balances the needs of your stakeholders AND delights your visitors.

User Experience Assessment

We help you measure the success of your user experience efforts with a comprehensive analysis of how your site is working (or not) to serve your visitors.

User Experience Research

What are your visitors really like? Our researchers can help you find out using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.


We can help build your teams’ capabilities with workshops on information architecture, understanding your users and the words they use, and measuring your results.

We architect places made of information

People spend a lot of time engaging with digital places. While technology advances ever faster, our brains work the same. Wherever we go, we make sense of things by understanding the kind of place we’re in. Placemaking and sensemaking go hand-in-hand.

The power of language

When you visit digital places, language is the infrastructure holding it all together. You use menus, headlines, symbols, and labels to make sense of where you are. You carefully choose the words you use to describe your business. Our information architects create the system of language to frame your digital places.

Your message: multiple contexts

Mobile user experience matters. Digital places need to work in different contexts while maintaining the integrity of your message, no matter where your visitors are.

Benefits of Information Architecture

We architect many different types of places

Information architects focus on three interrelated things:

Ontology, Taxonomy, Choreography

Ontology: What are the important concepts and words in your world? What do they mean? How can we communicate them to your visitors?

Taxonomy: How will we list and arrange those words? What will the navigation look like?

Choreography: What workflows make sense to your visitors? How will people interact in your place?

We customize our services for your organization’s needs

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization and site, we can tailor our information architecture consulting services to meet your needs.