Digital places are hard to get right

Too many demands clamor for too little space. Visitors have short attention spans. That’s why you need information architects.

How can our information architecture services help you create a great digital place?

Like building architects, information architects provide services that create vision and strategy. Our IA consultants help you plan and structure places that serve complex needs and audiences. The result? Visitors engage with your websites, intranets, and portals, and leave satisfied.

We facilitate your planning process

Whether it’s the digital equivalent of your corporate headquarters, a place to tell your story, your online store, or a combination, your digital places serve many purposes and people.

We work with your team to understand what kind of place your website wants to be, and how to measure success. We identify the trade-offs and competing demands that need to be balanced. We help you agree on goals and priorities.

We help you understand your visitors

Many kinds of people visit your digital place. Each of them have something they want to do. Some are sure of what they want. Others are not sure.

We help you identify the people you most want to serve and learn how they want to engage with you online. We discover how they talk about the world.

We meld what we learn into various kinds of models, such as personas. Models help you and your team stay focused on your priorities as you design your site.

We deliver plans your team will love

Information architecture provides the systems that form the foundation of your digital place. With this in place, your site will be easy to use, scale over time, and delight your visitors.

Our IA consultants deliver specifications, like sitemaps and wireframes, tailored to your needs. So whether your developers are in-house or overseas, using agile, waterfall, or something else, we will deliver the right level of detail.

We apply our process on many different scales

Some clients come to us with smaller projects like, “I need to fix the interaction design of my fundraising page.” We might start with user experience research before reworking the page, or even a user experience assessment.

The information architecture of your digital place supports your visitors at multiple levels—from global navigation that pulls your site together to the detailed interaction that boosts engagement and sales, and everything in between.

Depending on your situation we tailor our process to fit the level of detail you need…

Herman Miller information architecture Sketch

Improved Navigation

When Herman Miller needed to dramatically increase the number of products sold on their site, we helped redesign navigation to support the increased selection.

See the Case Study

City of Ann Arbor Web Page after information architecture consulting services

Global Navigation and Page Templates

We made it easier to find things on the City of Ann Arbor’s site by introducing simpler global navigation and new templates for sections such as Parks & Recreation.

See the Case Study

ACI website, after information architecture consulting services

Re-Architecting an Entire Site

We helped the American Concrete Institute re-imagine how they engaged with both members and visitors, from students to industry veterans.

See the Case Study

Who is this for?

  • Teams, organizations, and businesses that need to achieve business goals and meet the needs of their users.
  • Marketing and digital teams with a lean staff that need to extend project capabilities.
  • Large enterprises with an established UX team that wants to outsource the IA work.

Our information architecture consultants work well with all types of development approaches, and are well versed in both waterfall and Agile product development cycles.

What questions can we help answer?

  • How should our digital environment support our larger business goals?
  • What are the measurable, actionable goals for our site?
  • What is working for our site? What needs attention?
  • What type of place should we make to welcome our users?
  • How can we increase conversions?
  • What language and vocabulary works for our goals?
  • How can we make a complex workflow more clear?
  • How can we build a sustainable site structure that scales and is relevant three to five years from now?

We customize our services for your organization’s needs

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization and site, we can tailor our information architecture consulting services to meet your needs.

I really enjoy working with TUG. Everyone is friendly, open to collaboration, and an expert in the field—all of which is really important for us as a organization.

We work in agile, so it is important to work with an agency that is present and invested—that is not just going to come in and assess us and then hand us a finished report. I feel like this idea of relationship and collaboration are two of the things that I value most about TUG. There is a real matching of staff and skills to our project needs.”

—Christina York, User Experience Manager, Ithaka