Get Hands-on Training with Strategic User Testing

Course Description

This multi-day, customizable workshop provides teams with hands-on training and experience with a variety of strategic user research methodologies. Each workshop is tailored to the specific culture, resources, user research needs, and product goals of your situation.

Prior to the workshop, TUG will develop an understanding of the your specific product, user research needs, culture, and constraints. With those needs in mind, TUG will customize group activities that will guide participants through areas you’ve identified as most important.

Take This Course If:

  • You want to add lean user testing to your product cycle.
  • You have a team of people at your organization that want to learn how to conduct user testing.
  • You want culture-specific, product-tailored instruction.
  • You want to understand how to identify immediate actionable findings that will concretely improve your product.

Who Is This For?

This workshop is geared toward companies and teams who want to add user testing and other user research methodologies into their product cycle in a strategic, effective, and organizationally appropriate way. The inclusion of IA or UX professionals is ideal, though not required. Other appropriate participants include:

  • Product managers
  • Developers
  • Visual designers
  • Interaction designers
  • Communications and marketing professionals

Upon completion of Lean User Testing: Methodology, you will be able to:

  • Create an effective user testing team.
  • Create a strategic user testing plan.
  • Understand and advocate for unmoderated and moderated user testing.
  • Understand the activities commonly used during unmoderated and moderated user testing.
  • Write useful, measurable, and relevant scenarios and tasks.
  • Screen, recruit, and work with appropriate users.
  • Implement and troubleshoot unmoderated and moderated user testing.
  • Analyze and extract patterns from user testing data.
  • Prioritize and present aggregate findings and recommendations.
  • Replicate and optimize user testing for product iterations.
  • Understand the spectrum between in-house and outsourced user testing.
  • Locate available tools and resources about user testing.

Course Structure

Workshops will consist of a series of lectures, examples, discussions, hands-on group exercises, and short homework assignments. Your team will work together under the guidance of the instructor to learn and practice user research skills on an existing product. Examples of the topics which may be covered during the sessions include:

  • Effective user test planning
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Unmoderated testing
  • Moderated testing
  • Analysis of test results
  • Findings aggregation and presentation
  • Roadmaps
  • Iterative testing

Optional Deliverables

Though not integral to the learning process, some teams may find they would benefit from additional deliverables. If needed, TUG can provide the following deliverables after the workshop:

  • User testing summary documents
  • Recommendations documentation
  • User testing team strengths and weakness assessment
  • Product roadmap
  • Cross-channel analysis

We Customize Training to Your Needs

Workshops can be tailored in many ways—including group size, time constraints, budget, desired outcomes, team skill level, learning styles, and product stage. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know. We’d love to come up with something that best meets your needs.