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Doug Patt at the Architects Academy shares his thoughts in this five-minute on how to design like an architect. Many thanks to Jeff Parks for the link!

Transcript of the first minute:

“Hi, I’m Doug Patt and this is how to design like an architect. I thought the best way to talk about design would be to create a dream home for someone. But first, let’s talk about the design process. An architect, like any design professional, draws on a wellspring of information. How we design is based to some extent on what we know. What we know can be based on the school we went to, the books we’ve read, the magazines we like to look at, where we grew up, our friends and relatives, the occupations we’ve worked at, and in general, our life experiences.

Professor Edmund Bacon, Kevin Bacon’s father, told me something once that I will never forget. He said it’s in the doing that the idea come. That is, we must sit and work through something before we can find the best way to solve a problem. Solving a design problem is taking what we know and putting it together with that particular challenge. When an architect sits down to problem solve, they frequently sketch. Sketching is one of the best ways to work out a solution to a problem, and I believe that’s exactly what Edmund Bacon meant when he said it’s in the doing that the idea comes.”

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