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May 6 - West Michigan Design Week
Insights from Richard Saul Wurman

May 7 - Confab Central
Mental Modeling for Content Work by Daniel Eizans

June 11-13 - Giant Conference
Language is Infrastructure by Andrew Hinton
DUMB by Dan Klyn

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What before how.

The Understanding Group helps create delightful user experiences by bringing order to complex information spaces.

The problem with most websites is that people can’t find what they are looking for. They don’t know where to go next. They simply get lost.

The Understanding Group solves these problems with information architecture. From websites to enterprise data stores: we help people find what they are looking for and accomplish their goals with intuitive information structures.
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TUG helps you get the big picture.

Today’s websites must support many uses—from providing information to supporting complex transactions—and many types of visitors—from customers to partners to job seekers and more. Supporting all these needs requires a well-structured process that gives you a thorough understanding of the big picture.

TUG's process starts by working to understand your business and the nature of the information you want to communicate. Then we conduct user research to understand the goals and desires of your audience. Finally, we develop a comprehensive set of plans for the structure of your site and the pages within it.
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