Ann Arbor eCommerce Meetup Group – Thank-you!

Thank-you for attending the Meetup event! Here is a link to Dan’s presentation:


Repeatable Magic – Information Architecture for eCommerce Success from Dan Klyn on Vimeo.

Want to use IA to increase eCommerce Success?

TUG information architects can bring quite a lot of eCommerce value in short, focused engagements that include:

eCommerce Optimization Benchmarking

Product Presentation & Check-out Path Analysis

  • Flow
  • Friction
  • Error states
  • Account creation
  • Security cues


Merchandising Considerations


  • Mental model
  • Competitive comparison
  • Responsiveness
  • Copywriting for conversion
  • Catalog findability, navigability, and share-ability


Analytics Analysis


  • KPI health check
  • IP filtering
  • handicapping

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on 08.22.2011
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One thought on “Ann Arbor eCommerce Meetup Group – Thank-you!

  1. Jean-Paul Carmichael says:

    Solid talk Dan, I really enjoyed it. I’m glad you brought up the IA / UX issue. I liked the magic analogy because it points to one point of view that User Experience is an innately irrational concept. I do like the job title “Magic Designer” though :) Tying the inherently rational, but flexible, set of principles found in the IA toolbox to the term User Experience does make me a little uncomfortable. I thought your point about designing backwards from an outcome was well made too. In consulting work, one of the first questions I used to ask clients was “Are we designing for the vision or the reality as it is today?” Sometimes defining a vision was a goal of the project, completely aside from the creation of a tangible object. The vision is in some respects easier, can be fun to design in a kid-in-a-candy-store kind of way, and great to hold up and point to. In my own experience though, it succeeds less often in implementation because the underpinning relies on all the pieces being as they were defined as part of the vision; an infinite idea meeting the finite resources available. When even one of these fails, the whole Jenga pile can fall to the ground. It reminds me of an ex-co-worker, an engineer, who when asked “Can we do this?” would reply “We can do anything…with enough time and resources” A lot of finger-crossing during the development phase goes on for me in these sorts of engagements (“…please don’t let anything be cut from the scope during engineering…”). The ingenuity of a designer to create a design solution that takes the dynamics and nature of the pieces into account as part of the design question is truly a valuable skill, and in my own experience this produces more consistent success when the product emerges from the meat grinder of the typical software development process. That is to say, I agree with your positioning of IA as the underpinning of an outcome like a successful user experience. Thanks again for posting, I hope you’ll be posting more in the future.

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