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Mike AthertonWe’re grateful to Michele Ide-Smith for her thoughtful blog post recounting Mike Atherton’s presentation last month to the Cambridge (UK) Usability Group on the use of domain modeling in information architecture practice.

Some of us from The Understanding Group got to see Mr. Atherton’s Beyond The Polar Bear talk at this year’s IA Summit, and we’re big fans both of Mr. Atherton and especially of incorporating these approaches in the work we do. Do read the full post, and here are Mr. Atherton’s slides:

From Using Domain Models in IA

  • Holger Deist

    Hi Mike,

    thanks for your great presentation! At some leading German web-agencies (in the late ninetees) we introduced a pretty similar approach – so-called ‘contentograms’ – to model entities and their relationships without bothering on which screen distinct content modules would later be assembled.

    It’s really great to see how you applied a similar approach to BBC.

    Best regards

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