Jessica DuVerneayInformation Architect

Jessica likes to help people and organizations find answers to their questions while fostering a sense of understanding and empowerment during their quest for information. Information architecture and user experience research are the tools she wields to facilitate this type of success. If she can make you laugh, teach you something, or learn something herself in the process- even better.

User research, mapping user needs to business requirements, designing user interfaces, and producing clear and concise deliverables are things Jessica does to make both clients and end users happy. Her clients range from giant corporations such as the NFL to tiny non-profits, and she likes working with both equally. Jessica has a Masters of Science in Information from the University of Michigan, where she was honored to receive the peer-elected Edmund Lowe Leadership Award. In addition to her work as an information architect, Jessica has been a teacher, artist, library manager, and a small business owner; this allows her to connect with and provide top-notch solutions for clients and users with a wide variety of needs and backgrounds.

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