We Focus on “Why” and “What” before “How”

There are many design and technology solutions for how to build a website, but none of them will solve your problems if you don’t clearly define what you want to accomplish and why.

Big Understanding Up Front

Each of our projects is tailored to your unique situation. When you work with The Understanding Group, we’ll start by defining the project vision and a clear strategy as well as identifying the detailed plans for what you’ll build. This leads to a successful project launch by defining how the digital place will be built.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

–Sun Tzu, ancient Chinese general

Building a truly excellent digital place is hard work. It requires lots of behind-the-scenes activities such as building taxonomies and updating metadata. An information architecture strategy will help you plan your efforts and lay the foundation for a successful digital place now and into the future.

We Are Solution Oriented

Every situation is unique, serving different people with different needs. We don’t apply a fixed set of templates, like house plans from a book. But we do have a proven framework for solving information architecture and user experience problems.

The PASS Model

PASS Information Architecture Framework

Our process for information architecture projects is adapted from the playbook of physical architecture—it’s called the PASS model (Programming, Analysis, Synthesis, Specification).

Models, Models Everywhere

The people at The Understanding Group are goal-oriented collaborators who love to dig into user data and provide tangible, practical deliverables. No two projects are the same, and each deliverable is custom-crafted to meet your needs.

We love to create project artifacts that stand the test of time. We often visit client sites and find that our models are still posted in hallways, on walls, or in cubicles. These are areas where people continue to congregate and discuss them, even months after the website has launched.

See the Power of Information Architecture in Action

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for our clients. We’ve scaled our services to meet the needs and budget of organizations large and small.