Architect Before You Build

Better user experience through information architecture.

I want great IA content.

What We Do

We help you create delightful user experiences
and bring order to complex digital places.

Places that are useful

People will find what they are looking for. Get their job done. Buy more products.

Places that are scalable

New content will find a sensible place. Navigation will stand the test of time. You’ll still be happy with the site in a year. Or two. Or three.

Places that are delightful

People will enjoy going to your website. You’ll get your message across. Engage with your audience. Enhance your brand.

How We Work

We understand your Business

We understand your

There are two sides to your website: before studying your site visitors, we want to understand your business, your information environment, and your definition of a successful customer relationship.

We understand your Audience

We understand your

With a clear understanding of your business, we’re ready to define a research plan for understanding your audiences and what it will take to provide them a successful user experience with your site.

We facilitate your Understanding

We facilitate your

Everything we’ve learned together is modeled and specified so your design and development team can build a scaleable and useful site that delights your visitors.

People We Serve

Who We Are

The Understanding Group is a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled information architects, researchers and strategists. We are passionate about the power of information architecture as a lens for problem solving.