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Summary: Andrew Hinton and Dan Klyn shares slides from their talk and workshops at UXSTRAT 2015 in Athens, GA.

UX STRAT I had the great privilege of being asked to speak at UXSTRAT 2015, held in Athens, Georgia. It was a splendidly run event with great content addressing strategic, managerial, and organizational aspects of user-experience work. I also got to teach our IA Essentials workshop with Mr. Dan Klyn. We had a terrific group of participants who filled the room with their energy and hands-on meaning-making.

Here are my slides, with notes, for my talk on Context and UX Strategy.

We can’t recommend UXSTRAT highly enough—if you get a chance to go to one of the events, stateside or overseas, do it!

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TUG’s IA Concepts workshop covers basic to advanced concepts and practices and provides a survey of what information architecture is, what it is becoming, and the role it plays in product management and experience design.

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