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Summary: Bob Royce and Dan Klyn share the slides from their 2013 IA Summit talk on "Making a Home for Information Architecture."

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.23.41 PMBob Royce and Dan Klyn gave a talk together at this year’s IA Summit titled “Making a Home for Information Architecture (or, Why There Are Now and Always Have Been Information Architects).”

So far the conversations that have come out of it are great and we look forward to discussing these issues with more of our colleagues in the future.

From Twitter:
Adam Ungstad ‏”Separating what from how, architecture from design. Really enjoying this talk”
Chris Farnum “Bob and Dan suggest IA need not be only a bounded subset of UX. Focus should be on what it is, not isn’t.”


Sketchnotes by verbistheword
What before How: Finding a Home for Information Architecture @danklyn @rdroyce #ias13 #sketchnotes

The Description from the Program:
Are you struggling to carve out a place for information architecture in the world of acronym soup? In this talk, longtime IA Dan Klyn and his business partner Bob Royce explore the pros and cons of bucking the trend of “all encompassing UX” to focus our practice on IA.

Through stories and case studies we’ll explore:
How the lens of IA helps us solve problems beyond UX and collaborate readily with other non-UX disciplines.
Our experience delivering services both directly to clients and through agencies.
How we explain IA to people outside our industry and work to justify a larger investment in IA.
How we go beyond information retrieval and navigation to include the concepts of meaning and place-making in our work.
Since all of the above was accomplished through much trial and error, there will also be plenty of discussion about the failures we’ve encountered along the way.

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