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Summary: Architect Louis Kahn reminds us to consider matters of meaning and context when building, which applies to the practice of information architecture today.

The Greatest Act In Building A Website is to Build WEBSITE

“A house is only great when it’s great for the next man: not only the client who wants it just so. Therefore, early in my considerations of things, I said that the greatest act in building a house is to build House. Not “a house,” which is specific, and of course it’s what you build, but HOUSE is what you consider when you build a house. And you can never build a home, because a home is built by the people [who live there].” —Louis I. Kahn

From a marvelous documentary from 2005 on the Korman House.

Architect Louis KahnAt The Understanding Group, an information architecture consultancy, we aspire to work in terms of physical architecture. Even while designing solutions to immediate problems (“a house”), our inclination is to see such problems as instances in contexts. Instances that can be mapped back and up to increasingly wider and less-instantiated matters of meaning. To matters of architecture. Matters of HOUSE.

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