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Summary: A description of TUG's talks, training, classes, and workshop offerings. A list of TUG's talks and workshops scheduled for the IA Summit 2014.

At The Understanding Group, we not only love working for and with our clients, but also teaching others how we do what we do. Many of us have backgrounds as educators, and a few of us even currently have (or had) information architecture teaching appointments at universities. In teaching, we find the ability to refine and strengthen our own skill sets and ideologies as practitioners and thought leaders, as well as help grow the community of IA practice.

Content Strategy Workshop

Kris McNeil and Dan Eizans facilitating a client tailored content strategy workshop

Since day one of TUG we have offered training and workshops, but are pleased to announce even more information about our learning opportunities. Appropriate for large teams, small teams, and individual practitioners, our classes cover topics such as Information Architecture, Content Strategy, User Research & Testing, and Analytics. We will continue to expand our offerings in the coming months, because we love sharing what we do with our community.

Three Levels of TUG Training

  1. Public Events: Engaging, fun, and low commitment, these public events are hosted by TUG’s world experts in the IA field. From workshops at conferences to free public lectures, there is something for every level of interest and investment. We regularly announce these opportunities on our website’s homepage, on Twitter, and in our monthly email newsletter.
  2. Onsite Workshops: Conveniently offered onsite at your company, these rigorous and fast-paced courses are designed to deliver core IA, Content Strategy, User Testing, and Analytics skills that you can start applying immediately. Onsite workshops are designed to be core skill builders. Check out our offered classes for more details.
  3. Tailored Workshops: Offering the same topics as our onsite workshops, in the tailored training offerings TUG’s experts take time to become acquainted with your business model, culture, product, team, and design cycle. We use this information to carefully tailor our instruction to the specific needs and strengths of your company. At the end of the workshop you will have products specific findings and actionable plans to improve your digital product immediately. Check out our course offerings and then contact Bob for more information on our most comprehensive and effective type of training.

Talks & Workshops at the 2014 IA Summit

Dan Klyn IA Summit 2013

Dan Klyn presenting at the 2013 IA Summit

Many of us are talking and giving workshops at the Information Architecture Summit 2014. We encourage you to check out these presentations if you will be in San Diego in March 2014:

Looking Forward

We hope to see you at any of our upcoming talks and public workshops. Follow us on Twitter or sign up for our Newsletter to find out more as they are scheduled. Likewise, we’d love to discuss tailoring a training experience for your team if that’s a better fit for you. If there is any IA or UX topic you’d like training on that you don’t see, please reach out. We are looking forward to building out our curriculum to best meet your needs.

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