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Summary: TUG hosted a  lean user testing workshop in LA where attendees learned to design, implement and extract findings from user research.

lgo-user_testing-9fdaac7fdf9861e191c203c52b111ceeJessica DuVerneay hosted The Understanding Group’s first Los Angeles Lean User Testing workshop this weekend for 12 students at Kleverdog Academie in down town LA. Over two intense days attendees worked in groups to design, implement and extract findings from unmoderated user testing. Attendees of the class learned valuable skills and had a great time:

“I learned stuff I can use right away! I’m so thankful for this class – and I look forward to more in the future!”

“I enjoyed this class. I learned a good amount but it also made me rethink what I already thought I knew. I appreciate the examples, templates and hands on work. Thank you!”


Special thanks to for their support of the workshop, as well as the wonderful folks at Kleverdog – a premier co-working space in historic Chinatown.

TUG will be offering more classes and workshops in the future. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook / Twitter for more information. If you’d like any TUG workshops tailored specifically for your company’s internal needs, TUG is happy to offer customized company training in User Testing and other IA related topics. Please contact Bob for more information.


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