Get to Know Your Users

Gain a deeper understanding of user research methods, applications, and rationale.

Studying what people do in their natural settings is a great way to discover opportunities for innovation. Research methods provide ways of studying human behavior that reveal how and why people engage with the world in ways that are meaningful to them. Findings and insights from research provide opportunities for designing products, services and experiences that resonate with people.

This ½ day workshop furthers understanding of the user research toolbox, describes applications of methods and their rationales for use, and discusses practical considerations for doing research in UX contexts. This workshop is designed for UX and design professionals who want to improve their research capabilities.


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Take this workshop if you want to:

  • Advocate for user research
  • Understand the activities in and planning for research
  • Understand the process and resources needed for screening, recruiting and managing appropriate research participants

Who is this for?

  • Researchers
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Those who procure research services

A combination of short lectures and hands-on activities will provide participants with best practices, practical understanding, and usable tools to bring back to their organizations. No previous knowledge or experience in user research is needed.


This workshop includes techniques we’ve used with companies in e-commerce, software application services, industrial design, finance, manufacturing, higher education, and entertainment.

A combination of short lectures and hands-on activities will provide participants with best practices, practical understanding and usable tools to bring back to their organizations. 

Part 1:  Introduction

To start the workshop, there will be a brief overview of the session, followed by participant introductions and exercises to elicit research challenges and look for commonalities.

Part 2:  What user research methods to use when                      

We’ll provide an overview of user research methods and compare generative and evaluative methods and their applicability to problems.

Part 3:  How to design a research project

We’ll present some best practices for designing a research plan, including defining the research; creating the right questions and data collection instruments; recruiting, screening and ethics of participation, data collection and management; and planning for analysis, synthesis and deliverables.


Part 4:  Planning your own research project

Individually (or in smaller groups of like-minded individuals), you will go back to your research challenge and plan a project using the methodological approaches, considerations and tools discussed. Then we’ll present the project plans to each other and give feedback, help overcome objections, and refine rationales.

Part 5:  Wrap up

We’ll do a brief reflection exercise and address remaining questions.

About the instructor 

Amy Goldmacher, Ph.D. is an anthropologist and ethnographic practitioner in industry, and an instructor of anthropology and methods. With more than 15 years of applied experience, Amy has provided research for new product and service design across industries, including academia, automotive, consumer products, websites, healthcare, industrial products, mobile applications and residential and nonresidential construction. Amy has authored and co-authored articles in Anthropology journals, a chapter in an organizational business text, and a career workbook, among other publications. Amy holds a B.A. in Anthropology with Honors from Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.


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