Does your digital place meet your goals and delight your visitors?

A user experience assessment evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your website and gives you practical ways to make it better.

Evaluate the user experience of your site

You want your site to be engaging and useful. And you want it to deliver ROI to the bottom line. How do you measure that experience? What constitutes good web design? How can you improve it?

Our user experience evaluation answers those questions by first understanding the perspective of your organization and then the perspective of your visitors. We then evaluate your site, tell you how your user experience measures up, and give you solutions to make it better.

We understand your organization

First we establish the frame of reference by asking:

    • WHY does the site exist (Key Performance Indicators)?
    • WHO visits the site (Personas)?
    • WHAT happens on the site? (User Journeys)?

In other words, we approach the site from the perspective of “these people” trying to do “these things.” We then prepare a brief to summarize what we’ve learned and lay the groundwork for the evaluation.

We understand your visitors

Next we gather qualitative information about your visitors through moderated interviews to understand the role the site plays for your visitors, their mental frameworks, and the words they use and expect to see. We identify areas of the site that satisfy or frustrate them. We also gather quantitative information by examining web analytics for evidence of visitor behavior.

Information we gather from these interviews and analyses gives us lenses through which to better view your website when we conduct the Expert Review.

Expert review

Finally, we examine the site map, page hierarchy, taxonomy, content, accessibility and mobile experience of the site. We put ourselves in the shoes of the user and carry out the tasks that the site must support in light of each of the best practices. Ensuring that these tasks can be supported effectively and efficiently is essential to the success of the site.

Morville honeycomb

Our information architects critique key areas of your place in light of common design principles and usability best practices depicted in the user experience model developed by Peter Morville, information architect pioneer and TUG partner:

Useful—the product/service usefulness to the stakeholders.
Usable—the product/service ease of use.
Desirable—the emotional aspects that the use of the product/service carries.
Findable—the product/service information structure efficiency.
Accessible—the product/service adaptability to people with disabilities.
Credible—the trustworthiness of the product/service.
Valuable—the importance of the monetary or other qualities of the product/service to the sponsors.


We communicate our findings to you and your team in an annotated brief, and supply suggestions on how to go about addressing these issues. We can deliver the brief in a short meeting, present it to  a larger team including leadership, or even work with you to make some of the structural changes to your site.

Who is this for?

Teams, organizations, and businesses with a sense that something is just not right, but are not sure where to start can benefit from a website assessment. Sometimes teams know exactly what’s broken, but need an external voice to articulate the issues and how to fix them to the decision makers. We can help.

What do you get?

Typical activities and deliverables associated with a web assessment might include:

  • A clearly annotated presentation deck of existing issues on the site
  • Prioritized, actionable fixes to improve your site immediately
  • A future-looking website roadmap to improve your site in the long term
  • Presentation of this information to an executive team

What questions can an assessment answer?

  • What usability issues are impacting my site’s performance?
  • What are the more complex issues that we should address in the future?
  • In what order should we approach this work?
  • What can I reasonably take on myself, and with what should I seek assistance?
  • How can I get buy-in from my organization to start making the necessary changes to the site?

We customize our assessment for your organization’s needs

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization and site, we can tailor our assessment to match. Contact us today to discuss your unique situation.