Travis LaFleurInformation Architect

Travis believes in empowering people through the intersection of design, technology, and problem solving. Now as an information architect, he is guided by this value as he works with businesses to understand and structure their information environments to support sense-making and shared meaning across contexts.

Before joining TUG, Travis worked in experience design at the digital agency VML, contributing user-centered thinking to marketing campaigns, websites, and mobile apps. He also worked for Calvin College in academic technology support and outreach, where he kept the campus community up to date on technology trends and encouraged the use of multimedia technology in the classroom.

Travis holds a bachelor’s degree from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids in Visual Business Administration, a dual major that combines business (marketing, advertising, management, etc.) with art (design, photography, sculpture). He has a master’s degree from the University of Michigan’s School of Information, where he studied human-computer interaction, interaction design, contextual research, and information architecture (with Dan Klyn).

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